Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Road Warrior RULES.

Glen Johnson is a beast. A BEAST.

Newest contender in Showtime network's Super Six tournament, Johnson defeats Allan Green on the undercard of Juan Manuel Lopez's super-match against Rafael Marquez.

Green, who previously lost to Andre Ward in his first fight in the Super Six tournament, looked game in the first few rounds, given the difficult task of fending off Johnson's persistent barrage of punches. It seemed Johnson got the upper hand early on, landing a great jab to the body and overhand right combination on Green multiple times.

Though Green's corner tried to convince him that Johnson was tiring, it seemed Green was the one losing gas in the mid-rounds until he got knocked out by Johnson early in the 8th round by two blind-side rights to the side of the head. Or was he losing heart?

Glen Johnson, aka "Road Warrior" is a throwback fighter who seemingly never turns down a fight and has heart aplenty. He earned his nickname because he would even agree to fight his opponents on their home turf, thus always being on the road. When asked on ON THE GRiND BOXiNG's show recently whether he has ever turned anyone down, Johnson admitted that he has said 'no' once in his 18 year career when he and his proposed opponent couldn't agree on the money split.

Notorious for having the deck stacked against him and being on the short end of quite a few decisions, it was still surprising to some that Johnson, (age 41 and a light heavyweight,) agreed to drop down to Super Middleweight (a division he hasn't fought in for 10 years) to join the Super Six tournament - which has been in progress for the better part of a year already.

He didn't disappoint, as he never does, against a younger, hard-punching Allan Green, who has concluded his presence in the Super Six tournament and whose career in boxing is now in question. Will Green ever be able to compete against A-level fighters? Will he gain the heart that he needs to succeed in the sweet science? One can only imagine the weight of such reflection on the once-promising Allan Green.

Congratulations are due to a truly lionhearted champion, on getting the win and 3 points going into the semi-finals of the Super Six tournament. Best of luck!

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