Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Antonio Margarito is a piece of shit. FACT.

Antonio Margarito attempts murder on Shane Mosley's life by having plaster of paris in his hand wraps, and that's only one attempt that we know of, then DENIES knowing that his gloves are loaded and seems to slink off to suspended purgatory...until his fairy Bob-father decides he can make a buck and ensures a license in Texas and gives him a title match against the best pound for pound boxer in the world, Manny Pacquiao. How the hell did this happen?

The first episode of HBO's documentary series, 24/7 shows a humbled Margarito, pleading his innocence and seemingly focusing on gaining the respect back of any fans he might have had during his heyday. This feel-good moment lasted for exactly a week until the second episode aired, showing a much different Margarito, calling Pacquiao a "bitch" and mocking the plaster of paris incident by having rookie trainer, Robert Garcia tape a cement block to his hand, while Margarito squeals in laughter, giggling that he won't look.

Just when you think things can't get worse, this video shows up:

It is an insult to the sport of Boxing that this piece of crap gets to continue making a living doing it. Much less a title fight against a good human being like Manny Pacquiao. This garbage Margarito doesn't deserve to be in the same state as Pacquiao, much less the same ring.

I hope Brandon Rios and Roberto Garcia, equally as disgusting in this video, get hit by lightning. Margarito will suffer enough at the hands of Pacquiao. (But I wouldn't be mad if there was an extra bolt of lightning reserved for him too.)

The Twat-pack later apologized for the video, stating that Rios, who was shown impersonating Roach after Margarito, did not know about Four-time trainer of the year winner, Freddie Roach's Parkinson's Disease. Instead, Garcia seemingly tries to plant a dig on Roach's professional boxing career by stating that Rios thought the condition was "because of the 13 losses" in Roach's career 40-13, with three losses by way of knockout.

According to, Roberto Garcia has also suffered three knockout losses. Hmmmn.

I'll tell you who got a windfall of new fans from this whole mess; one Omri Lowther. Come November 14th, 2010, the crowd will be cheering for this unknown boxer to shut the mouth of twat-packer, Brandon Rios.

And rightfully so.


  1. Robert garcia was a former world champ. Got stopped by diego corrales. He was a pretty good fighter.

  2. Wow, this is so offbeat and not researched, I don't know where to start. I will laugh by saying that if you don't know who Garcia is nor what he did as a pro, you shouldn't post.

    Here's some help.

    Poorly researched and written.

    BTW, couldn't put my name in but I'm not anonymous. I'm called Dobie G. Chris is my real name. Don't want you thinking I'm afraid to put it out there.

  3. Hi I have a blog and don't know shit about boxing..WTF?

  4. Couldn't post my name but it's D Nice but all the girls call me Derrick

  5. Oh, look, Margarito nuthuggers.

  6. Out of everything posted on here, you twat-packers are the most offended that I didn't know Garcia's record? ha ha ha

    Brandon Rios "didn't know" Freddie Roach had Parkinson's (Four-time trainer of the year winner, Freddie Roach) and you're on MY ass?

  7. Wow, twat packers? Yes, I guess that would be me. I didn't go into your emotional, pre-menstrual tantrum that much in detail because if a buffoon like yourself can't even get their SIMPLE facts right, what's to break down.

    Personally Margo, Freddy, Pac, Rios and Garcia all have been wrong during recent years. To sit back and paint Freddie as some victim and Margo as some villain for what happened is weak. Freddie hides behind his handicap while insulting fighters all the time. Instead of talking like he's one of the Mayweathers he could STFU and show some class himself. What Margo said was weak. Same with Rios.

    Second, if your going to give some sort of history lesson, KNOW THE FUCKING HISTORY. You might have wanted to set some precedent? Like the fact that even to this day, Joe Frazier continues in glee to brag that he gave Ali Parkinsons. I don't hear you whining about that? Or the fact about people like Barrera and Bowe sucker punching their opponents at a presser. That would be a bit worse in comparison. I didn't see any write up by you on how WIFEBEATER Valero killed his wife?

    You have the right to write what you want on your low budget blog. I can see that your obviously a well respected boxing mind with all 29 fans.

    Just get your shit straight. Learn some new insults. Twat Packer is a compliment. Fudge packed is not. Try writing with some wit and common sense rather than the emotional rational of a 13 year old girl who lost her boyfriend.


  8. Yeah, Freddie hides behind his handicap 12 hours a day at the gym.

    The absence of any posts re: wife-beaters and a-holes who boast about causing someone's incurable disease doesn't equal condoning of that disgusting behavior.

    And I'm glad you take twat-packer as a compliment.

    I will certainly work on writing with some wit and common sense. Meanwhile, maybe you can figure the whole grammar thing out.

  9. Ooooh, grammar police? I'm not trying to pretend to be some sort of writer. If a ditz like you can't figure out what twat packer means, you obviously have been packed. You might want to? I mean your biggest argument from what I wrote is I forgot to use a question mark instead of a period? Damn! Guilty!

    Freddie talks a gang of shit. He needs to STFU. Simple and plain. The "great" trainers don't need to go there. He seems to want to. Freddie didn't always do that either. He was class. Don't know what happened? (see, question mark!) If you talk shit, people will come back at you. Nature of the beast. There are no visible lines that can't be crossed. Whether it's Ali and Frazier or anyone else. Also, THEY ARE JUST WORDS.

    You seem to be emotionally distraught over the whole incident. You need a hug.

  10. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and comment. Honestly, it means a lot that keyboard-warriors like you actually care.

    And you obviously care a lot.


  11. I care a lot. Too bad nobody else does? Have fun with this place. You're doing a bang up job. I stumbled on this like a hair bump on my chin. With that being said, you're just an ingrown hair in a world of tweezers.

  12. "Don't know what happened? (see, question mark!)"

    LOL, the idiot thinks he is correct in placing a question mark there and even more, makes a mockery of it. What a fucking idiot.

    And then the guy makes sure to tell you he isn't afraid of a girl and didn't mean to post anonymously. Wow. What a sad, insecure individual.



    Natasha, you're beautiful inside and out. Don't give people like him the satisfaction of a response.

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