Monday, November 22, 2010

Freddie Roach - 11.15.10

Freddie Roach was back at the Wild Card first thing Monday morning. No rest for the weary, it appears. I got his thoughts on Manny's stellar victory over Antonio Margarito.

Brandon Rios - 11.13.10

I'll admit it - I was pissed at Brandon Rios for his ridiculous impersonation of Freddie Roach on that video. I will not apologize for the anger and vitriol I felt towards him. I warned him about all of this before the interview, but promised he would get to explain his side of the story. He agreed to do it and I give him a lot of respect for that. I truly believe he is sorry and had no idea how bad it was until he watched that video.

Nonito Donaire - 11.13.10

Did you wonder why Nonito Donaire tried to go south paw for his last fight? Me too. I'm so happy I remembered to ask him about that when I got to interview him in Dallas...

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Pacman Prevails

November 13th, 2010 will go down in the boxing history books as the day we all got to witness David beat Goliath. And soundly. There were no actual slingshots involved this time however, though Manny Pacquiao's devastating combinations probably felt a lot like an arsenal of rocks being unleashed on the bewildered Antonio Margarito. Though Margarito was five inches taller than Pacquiao, with a six inch reach advantage as well as a 17 pound weight advantage come fight time, he gave validity to the old prose attributed to boxer, Robert Fitzsimmons, "The bigger they come, the harder they fall."

From the first bell, it was clear that Margarito's usual style of smothering his opponents with busy hands would fail. Miserably. Pacquiao was literally boxing circles around him, splitting his guard with a sharp jab every now and then. He would follow it up with lightning fast punch combinations, leaving Margarito left in his guard, not knowing where his opponent went.

Margarito's punches seemed to be laden with molasses in comparison to Pacquiao's blindingly fast hand-speed. But he did land a few. Most notably, in the sixth round, when a body shot combination wobbled the Pacman and had him on the bike for the rest of the round. He could easily have gone down and you could tell he wanted to, but for the grace of Lapu Lapu did he manage to stay on his feet and remain standing until the bell rang.

The rest of the fight was pretty much a Pacquiao boxing clinic. There were a few harried moments, where Pacquiao would lay on the ropes and take some shots from the Tijuana Tornado, (downgraded to a "gentle breeze" by this point,) but for the most part, Pac fans enjoyed a one-sided demolition of the taller, larger Margarito.

As the rounds went on, Margarito's eyes ballooned into veritable orbs surrounding each eye. The right eye seemed the worse for the wear, until the left eye decided to try and catch up. Laurence Cole, the referee of the evening (and son of Texas Licensing & Registration executive, Dickie Cole) paused the fight twice to check Margarito's vision, but did not ultimately stop the fight. Though Margarito's vision was most definitely impaired and he seemingly lost any likelihood of winning the fight by the 10th round, his trainer Robert Garcia did not stop the fight either.

Margarito showed a lot of heart, by staying in the ring and taking a beating - refusing to succumb to the physical ails and certain temptation of stopping the pain-train by admitting defeat. Nope. He stayed in there and took more karmic payback. Ironically, It was Pacquiao who ultimately showed mercy, carrying him through the last rounds instead of taking the KO. Margarito is not a man who will quit, but many of us are left wondering how Cole and Garcia could let him take such an unnecessary beating and risking his health like that.

When the final bell rang, the beautiful Cowboy Stadium in Arlington, TX erupted with Pacquiao fans cheering and screaming, the magnitude of this victory hitting the crowd all at once. The sound was deafening, somewhat of a sonic boom in the first instance after the bell. Even Margarito fans (at least in my section) congratulated the Pacquiao fans, saying it was a sound victory. One of the Pacman fans seated near me shook hands with the Margarito fan sitting behind him, the bane of his existence for the entire fight, and said "Your boy started out a Mexican, but now he looks Filipino!" and instead of a fight, like I had expected, laughter ensued.

Margarito went immediately to the hospital, where he was found to have a broken right orbital bone and a shattered cheek bone. He is reportedly doing well, and will go into surgery once the swelling goes down. Margarito was not the only one visiting the hospital that night, as it was reported that Manny Pacquiao's mother, Dionesia Pacquiao was taken to the hospital during the fight due to an anxiety attack. (My guess is that it was during the 6th round, because I almost succumbed to panic as well!) She was released later that evening.

As David vs Goliath is a reference from the Bible, Pacquiao vs Margarito was a battle of biblical proportions and will most certainly be remembered as a fight of the ages - perhaps the definitive line of when Manny Pacquiao crossed over from being a Great fighter to an All-Time Great fighter.

Congratulations MANNY!!!!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Antonio Margarito is a piece of shit. FACT.

Antonio Margarito attempts murder on Shane Mosley's life by having plaster of paris in his hand wraps, and that's only one attempt that we know of, then DENIES knowing that his gloves are loaded and seems to slink off to suspended purgatory...until his fairy Bob-father decides he can make a buck and ensures a license in Texas and gives him a title match against the best pound for pound boxer in the world, Manny Pacquiao. How the hell did this happen?

The first episode of HBO's documentary series, 24/7 shows a humbled Margarito, pleading his innocence and seemingly focusing on gaining the respect back of any fans he might have had during his heyday. This feel-good moment lasted for exactly a week until the second episode aired, showing a much different Margarito, calling Pacquiao a "bitch" and mocking the plaster of paris incident by having rookie trainer, Robert Garcia tape a cement block to his hand, while Margarito squeals in laughter, giggling that he won't look.

Just when you think things can't get worse, this video shows up:

It is an insult to the sport of Boxing that this piece of crap gets to continue making a living doing it. Much less a title fight against a good human being like Manny Pacquiao. This garbage Margarito doesn't deserve to be in the same state as Pacquiao, much less the same ring.

I hope Brandon Rios and Roberto Garcia, equally as disgusting in this video, get hit by lightning. Margarito will suffer enough at the hands of Pacquiao. (But I wouldn't be mad if there was an extra bolt of lightning reserved for him too.)

The Twat-pack later apologized for the video, stating that Rios, who was shown impersonating Roach after Margarito, did not know about Four-time trainer of the year winner, Freddie Roach's Parkinson's Disease. Instead, Garcia seemingly tries to plant a dig on Roach's professional boxing career by stating that Rios thought the condition was "because of the 13 losses" in Roach's career 40-13, with three losses by way of knockout.

According to, Roberto Garcia has also suffered three knockout losses. Hmmmn.

I'll tell you who got a windfall of new fans from this whole mess; one Omri Lowther. Come November 14th, 2010, the crowd will be cheering for this unknown boxer to shut the mouth of twat-packer, Brandon Rios.

And rightfully so.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Road Warrior RULES.

Glen Johnson is a beast. A BEAST.

Newest contender in Showtime network's Super Six tournament, Johnson defeats Allan Green on the undercard of Juan Manuel Lopez's super-match against Rafael Marquez.

Green, who previously lost to Andre Ward in his first fight in the Super Six tournament, looked game in the first few rounds, given the difficult task of fending off Johnson's persistent barrage of punches. It seemed Johnson got the upper hand early on, landing a great jab to the body and overhand right combination on Green multiple times.

Though Green's corner tried to convince him that Johnson was tiring, it seemed Green was the one losing gas in the mid-rounds until he got knocked out by Johnson early in the 8th round by two blind-side rights to the side of the head. Or was he losing heart?

Glen Johnson, aka "Road Warrior" is a throwback fighter who seemingly never turns down a fight and has heart aplenty. He earned his nickname because he would even agree to fight his opponents on their home turf, thus always being on the road. When asked on ON THE GRiND BOXiNG's show recently whether he has ever turned anyone down, Johnson admitted that he has said 'no' once in his 18 year career when he and his proposed opponent couldn't agree on the money split.

Notorious for having the deck stacked against him and being on the short end of quite a few decisions, it was still surprising to some that Johnson, (age 41 and a light heavyweight,) agreed to drop down to Super Middleweight (a division he hasn't fought in for 10 years) to join the Super Six tournament - which has been in progress for the better part of a year already.

He didn't disappoint, as he never does, against a younger, hard-punching Allan Green, who has concluded his presence in the Super Six tournament and whose career in boxing is now in question. Will Green ever be able to compete against A-level fighters? Will he gain the heart that he needs to succeed in the sweet science? One can only imagine the weight of such reflection on the once-promising Allan Green.

Congratulations are due to a truly lionhearted champion, on getting the win and 3 points going into the semi-finals of the Super Six tournament. Best of luck!