Sunday, May 2, 2010


No surprises here. Most boxing fans probably predicted the beginning, the middle and the end of Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs Shane Mosley quite accurately.

Sugar Shane gave it a go in the early rounds, while Mayweather patiently waited and timed his opponent. After a bit of a scare in the second round, Mayweather made a few adjustments and dominated the rest of the bout. By the seventh round, you could see the defeat on Mosley's face as he kept taking the beating that Mayweather delivered. Master counter-puncher, Mayweather always had a stern answer for Mosley's less and less frequent attacks and the big question was no longer "who would win," but whether Mosley would be able to finish the fight.

Mosley's punches seemed in slow motion compared to Mayweather's and though not a lot of angles were used, Mayweather effectively dismantled Mosley's offense completely. There was a LOT of hugging. To the point where referee, Kenny Bayless was practically omnipresent in this fight, where usually he takes a 'hands-off' approach.

Mayweather's athletic ability and strategy were both in full effect for this fight. His ring-generalship truly is that of legendary proportions. Like him or not, he's a smart and fast fighter, who rarely misses when he throws a punch and can change up his game plan without notice.

The silver lining for Mosley however, is that he finally got a big fight, which he has been begging for in every interview and post-fight interview (even if it wasn't his fight) for the past year. If there was a camera in his face, he was calling SOMEONE out. Also, he was able to keep his belt, since it wasn't on the line because Mayweather refused to pay the sanctioning fees, a particularly amusing (read: PIMP) move, in my opinion.

Should Sugar Shane hang up the gloves? At 38 years-old, he has had a great career, holds a title belt and certainly has nothing to be ashamed of. However, like any true fighter, his heart seems to want to go on, even if his body can't keep up anymore.

I'd love to hear your opinions on that one. What do you think?


  1. Did you mean "omnipresent?"

    I believe Shane can beat any other welterweight in the division besides Mayweather and possibly Pacquiao. He would give Pacman a run for his money and it is probably one of the most fan-pleasing fights that could have been (and still be) made since they both come forward and have real power. I just wish the order was switched around and we had Mosley and Pacquiao matched up first, with the winner of that fight facing Mayweather. Oh well, I guess it will be better for Mayweather's legacy this way. Shane has no reason to retire yet. He could still face the likes of Paul Williams, Andre Berto, or move up to 54 and have a fight with Martinez.

  2. errrp. I did mean "omnipresent." Thank you for that!

    You didn't think Mosley looked wiped out and, well, OLD by the seventh round? I don't think he poses much of a threat to anyone in his division, personally.