Saturday, December 5, 2009

Yes, we Khan

Amir Khan sizzles as he retains his WBA light-welterweight title against Dmitry Salita.

It took Khan only 10 seconds to introduce Salita to the canvas for the first time in the fight and 76 seconds to dispatch of him completely. In a show of pure brilliance on the part of Khan, he took charge of the bout after the first bell, not affording Salita a chance to get settled. After Khan landed a crisp jab that set up a short, right hook to the jaw, Salita went down like a ton of bricks, never to fully recover.

You could see Khan getting excited and wanting to s
eal the deal, but he intelligently settled himself down and threw hard, clean punches while moving forward and trapping Salita in the corner, where he suffered his second knockdown. Tasting victory, Khan went for the kill after Salita dragged himself to his feet and in a flurry of punches, Salita went down for the third and final time. Puerto Rican ref, Luis Pabon wisely called the fight off while Salita lay helpless on the ropes.

Salita was heard complaining after the fight, stating that the ref called the fight too soon and that he could have continued. Most of those who watched the fight would wholeheartedly disagree, but he may have had a point, considering that in the past, he came back to win (UD) against Robert Frankel after getting knocked down in the first round as well as fighting back to a draw against Ramon Montano after being knocked down twice in the first round.

Although Amir Khan was a heavy favorite to win against the WBA #1 contender, few could have predicted such a quick victory. It indeed took him longer to leave the ring with all of the congratulations than it took him to defend his world title.

Much credit is attributed to Freddie Roach, who has trained Khan for his last four fights and has seemingly transformed Khan from a great up-and-comer to a veritable to
ur-de-force in the world of Boxing.

With plans to conquer America next, Khan looks to 2010 as an exciting year for him and for boxing, as he will once again join Pound for Pound king, Manny Pacquiao's training camp as a key sparring partner for Pacquiao's almost-finalized fight against Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Roach emphatically stated that Khan was ready to take on the world and to expect great thin
gs from him.

As he stated in an interview after the fight, this victory was an early birthday present for the (almost) 23-year old sensation, Amir Khan. Happy Birthday, Amir and Congratulations. You were brilliant tonight.

In other boxing news, interim cruiserweight champion, Ola Afolabi lost in his title match against Marco Huck in Huck's home country of Germany. Afolabi, known for his showboating, entertained the crowd for 12 rounds, losing in a unanimous decision.

Chris Arreola won in his first fight back since suffering a brutal TKO loss to Vitali Klitschko at the end of September earlier this year. Arreola (6'4 - 2,630,000 lbs) dwarfed Brian Minto (5'10 - 218 lbs) and knocked him out in the fourth round. What was surprising about this fight certainly wasn't the outcome, as most boxing experts would have predicted an early round KO victory for Arreola. The surprise was the incredible show of heart and determination by Brian Minto. After getting rocked by a straight right hand, Minto hit the ground, but came back up f
ighting. While he could barely stand, he was still throwing punches, still trying to win, until his body finally wouldn't let him continue and he hit the canvas yet again. Though he wobbled to his feet again, referee Eddie Cotton would not allow the fight to continue.

Paul Williams and Sergio Martinez BATTLED. This was certainly one of the hardest bouts to score ever as they traded punches furiously and were toe to toe for the majority of the fight. Martinez, recently robbed of victory in his fight against Kermit Cintron, seemingly got robbed once more, at least by judge Pierre Benoist, who scored the fight 119-110 in Williams' advantage. Perhaps the only judge to truly get it right was Julie Lederman (Harold Lederman's daughter) who saw the fight 114-114, a draw.

Great night of boxing!

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  1. I didn't get a chance to see Amir's first round blowout of Salita, but it's no suprise given the challenger's lack of quality opposition. Any chance of Khan being on the Pacquiao/Mayweather undercard?

    I was pretty suprised with the Williams/Martinez fight. I thought Sergio won by two rounds, but at least it was a barn-burner with back and forth action throughout. He just landed cleaner, and clearly more effective punches, and Williams' face showed it after the fight. Williams looked all-too human after the bout, and I would venture to guess that the "most feared man in boxing" will get all the fights he wants after that performance. Even with the height differential, I think Pacquiao would clock Williams for a full 12 rounds...if the Punisher could last that long. Pavlik would have torn Williams a new one.