Sunday, November 8, 2009

Mike Koncz is a total idiot

Any doubts as to whether Mike Koncz is an idiot have been erased as of the airing of HBO's third installment of 24/7, a television series following the training camps for Manny Pacquiao and Miguel Cotto. This is a universal statement, I realize. And it's meant to be.

Mike Koncz's analysis of the relationship between Freddie Roach and Manny Pacquiao couldn't be more ignorant. ( ig.ner.uhnt: Lacking knowledge or information as to a particular subject or fact). Having been in Manny's camp for five years, this ignorance must be chosen, for anyone who has been around Roach and Pacquiao for five minutes can recognize the symbiosis between the two. It is almost palpable. It is telling that Koncz chose the word "famous" to describe what Freddie Roach would NOT be if not for Manny Pacquiao. Perhaps his own need for attention and fame are at the crux of this blind antagonism for the venerable coach.

Ironically, it was Roach who introduced Koncz to Manny Pacquiao. Koncz had spent his life savings trying to get undefeated Nigerian heavyweight Ike Ibeabuchi out of jail and back into the ring. Ibeabuchi had beaten Chris Byrd in 1999 and was on the path for a world championship when his career was abruptly halted. Ibeabuchi apparently tried to pay a Las Vegas prostitute with a check for her services. When she refused to accept this payment method, things got ugly. Ibeabuchi ended up pleading guilty to charges of battery with intent to commit a crime and attempted sexual assault in 2001. Koncz believed Ibeauchi would be paroled in August, 2004 and approached Freddie Roach to be Ibeabuchi's trainer, telling Roach that Ibeabuchi needed the best, and that Roach was the best. When parole for Ibeabuchi was denied, Koncz was left with nothing. His life savings were gone and his family had left him. It was in this state and at that this time that Freddie Roach introduced him to Manny Pacquiao. Manny took pity on him and hired him on as a consultant. Roach regrets the introduction as was intimated in his interview with HBO.

Koncz has positioned himself within Manny's camp strategically. He filters Manny's phone calls and correspondence, leaving promoter Bob Arum and Freddie Roach to wonder if Manny receives any of their messages. During the negotiations for Pacquiao's most recent fight against Cotto, Roach resorted to making statements in the press, hoping his most prized fighter would get his messages and contact him.

Team Pacquiao insiders reveal that Manny was very unhappy with Koncz after watching the controversial interview on television. Whether or not there will be consequences remains to be seen. For now, "Koncz" has become a name people avoid saying at the Wildcard Boxing club. Kinda like somebody else we know.


  1. Michael Koncz just looks like a snake...the Voldemort picture is fitting.

    I think Manny should bring the axe down on this one, if anything to reduce the only tension left in the Pacquiao camp. Alex Ariza has clearly done his duty (with vaulted success), guiding Manny through the higher weight classes, retaining his speed and seemingly adding power. What has Koncz done?

    I couldn't be happier with the Pac/Cotto fight outcome, all typhoons, team discord, and too much basketball aside.

    This new Manny Pacquiao will tear Floyd Mayweather up.

  2. This guy was such a pompous ass. Nice piece, Tash.