Saturday, October 17, 2009

Super Six - Regal victory and Snakey win

What a night of Boxing. "King" Arthur Abraham was in a battle against Jermain "Bad Intentions" Taylor until the last 15 seconds of the fight when he knocked Taylor out with a quick, but decisive right hand.

perhaps Jermain Taylor should change his nickname to something a little less passive-aggressive than "Bad Intentions". After all, t's one thing to have a bad intention, it's another thing to follow through with it.

Eerily similiar to Taylor's last fight against Carl Froch, his body bounced off the canvas with 15 seconds left on the clock. UNlike his fight with Froch, Taylor was losing this fight against the incredibly resilient and strong Arthur Abraham. I like Jermain Taylor and wish his career hadn't veered south like this. My prediction is that he will now be considered a high paid opponent for the rest of his career, IF he has one left. I'm not entirely sure he should finish the Super Six. It seems like his long-term health is in question. If he were to bow out, who should take his place? I'd love to see Allan Green get that spot. As a largely underrated fighter, I think Allan Green would gain recognition and get the respect that he deserves as a fighter were he to be in the Super Six Tournament. Showtime take note.

How disappointing was Dirrell's fight? I was cringing as he clinched his way through the early rounds and although I felt he got the timing right in the middle and late rounds, it was just too late. The judges saw Froch as the aggressor and, rightfully so, let him retain his belt. Other than the horrible clinching, Dirrell was beautiful to watch. He moved his feet well and landed clean, hard punches, but was backing up most of the fight and failed to "close it down". Comparatively, Froch was a throwback to the Jake Lamotta days in Boxing and brawled his way through every round. I didn't like that he kept punching Dirrell in the back of the head a number of times without much warning from the ref, even after Dirrell was penalized a point for clinching with very little to no warning from the same ref. Though I love old-school fighters, I find Froch's style to be a little annoying - with the hands down constantly and the wild punches without rhythm...Ultimately, if fighting styles were the only consideration, I'd rather watch Dirrell lose a fight than watch Froch win one. I also didn't like Froch's post-fight interview. He certainly didn't earn his boast.

Looking very forward to Mikkel Kessler vs Andre Ward on November 21st. I wonder if Ward's hometown advantage will be enough for him to beat the seasoned "Viking Warrior"...


  1. I don't see why Taylor should quit yet. He's got two more fights left in the Super Six and it's not impossible that he could turn it around. Confidence and motivation will be the big questions though. He still has plenty of skills left but his self-belief must be around his ankles at the moment.

    Dirrell's downfall was simply experience. He showed a warrior's spirit going to Nottingham to fight a decent champion, but all that clutching and posing wasn't going to win anyone over. He's a good fighter and can come again...maybe the "big chance" came too soon for him...?

    And Froch? He remains something of an enigma. He's been beating good men recently but I can't help feeling he's still flattering to deceive. At the moment, I'd still pick Kessler and maybe Abraham to beat him.

    (Andreas Stavros)

  2. I have to disagree.

    If Lou Dibella or his family let Jermain continue fighting, it would just be murder. Look at the facts: the man's lost 4 of his last 5, 3 by BRUTAL KO's. Taylor will always be a warrior to me, having fought the best available and always willing to go out on his shield. But if he gets into the ring with the Viking Warrior, do you envision it ending any differently?

    I've heard that Showtime is considering a rematch between Allan Green and Edison Miranda on the Kessler/Ward undercard with the winner becoming the replacement. Which is odd considering neither deserves it. Miranda has already been soundly beaten by Abraham and Ward. Green has already been beaten by Miranda. And besides, Allan looked TERRIBLE against a chubby Tarvis Simms two weeks ago, which should merit criticism, not a free pass into a revolutionary tourney.

    And finally, I felt the Dirrell/Froch fight was a bigger robbery than Diaz/Malignaggi. I am not complaining about deducting a point from Dirrell for holding: it was excessive. But I do have a problem with Froch throwing Dirrell to the canvas and hitting behind the head with no reprimand. Froch may have gotten the hometown decision, but cannot be happy with his performance at all. Dirrell out-boxed, out-moved, and landed cleaner more effective blows throughout. I scored the round with the point deduction 9-9, because Dirrell came back to wobble Froch who almost went down. In the end I had it 115-113 Dirrell, who was humble and professional after the bout and conducted himself like a true champion. He has more to learn, mainly about inside fighting, counter-punching instead of holding, and keeping his guard up, but we all saw the makings of a future title-holder. With that said, I can't wait to see Mikkel embarress Froch in vintage fashion.

  3. Wow, what a roller coaster ride Jermain has taken over the years. I'm a fan of his and like many; if I knew him personally I'd tell him to take a serious break or even to hang them up. It's clear that those knockouts did something to him physiologically. After the Pavlik event, he hasn't performed the same since.

    He really shook the middleweight division coming in, looked like nobody could touch him with is signature bow and arrow right jab. From a fan's perspective, I hope he finds Jesus tomorrow to make his insecurities go away and hop back into it.

    I hope Paul Williams is watching... I believe he's next to encounter the same wild ride.