Thursday, August 13, 2009

A tearful Lucia Rijker comments on a historical moment in Women's Boxing

Famed female boxer, Lucia Rijker talks about Women's Boxing being included in the 2012 Olympics and what it means to her and to countless young girls who aspire for Gold...


  1. So the search by profile interests is working again and just happened across yours--props on the page and the articles--very well written and clearly by a fellow purist :) Just started mine but check out my Pride in Battle page.

    And what a fall line-up we have: Mayweather/Marquez (not even including the freakin amazing 24/7's), Arreola/Klitschko, Pavlik/Williams, first round of the Super 6 tourney, Pacquiao/Cotto, Dawson/Johnson II...


  2. Great blog you should so something leading up to this female olympics like a film documentary of some sorts. Follow the female olympic trials for the US squad that would be awesome!

  3. Not a bad weekend for boxing, which served as more of a prelude of better things to come I suppose...

    Crazy outcome with Luevano and Concepcion, huh? I thought it very humble for Roach to admit the late hit and accept the DQ, but loved the warrior's will when responding to when the rematch should happen: "tomorrow."

    I thought Donaire looked good but not as great as he could be...and thought Jones looked great but not as good as he once was.

    Fading stars still shine on. It will be interesting to see if Jones can rack up enough B-level wins to justify one more big payday, one more shot at glory. Maybe a rematch with B-Hop 15 years in the making? Assuming Hopkins would be interested after taking on either Adamek or the Johnson/Dawson winner, neither of which are a sure thing.

  4. This was a special day for me as well ! I have been coaching amateur boxing for almost 10 yrs now, I have young talented girl who Is like a daughter to me. She is so gifted,i would love for her to have the opportunity to live her dream of making the 2012 games or even the 2016 games. These young ladies deserve this as much as the guys do and its about damn time !!

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