Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Interview with the one and only IRISH MICKY WARD!

THE Irish Micky Ward is in town and training someone at Wildcard this week. He has kept himself in amazing condition. He's really fit. I was also struck by how shy and humble he is. He was really just there to do some work and go - so unassuming.

I've heard that Mark Wahlberg has (finally) got it all together to make the movie about Micky's life that he has been wanting to make for years now, which is why Micky is in town to begin with. Apparently Christian Bale is slated to play the coveted role of Dick Ecklund, Micky's brother, with Mark Wahlberg playing Micky Ward. Congratulations for getting that off the ground, Mark. Your perserverance and tenacity is what is making it happen.

I was honored to be able to chat with Micky Ward for a few minutes and watch him train. It got me to thinking...really, what other trilogy touches the Gatti vs Ward fights? Some might say Marquez vs Vazquez, which were amazing, but the crowd really did it for me in the Gatti/Ward trilogy. It was just different. Knowing they were good friends also added a unique element for me. There was so much heart from each fighter...they really make the Sweet Science proud.

I got to ask the Irish Thunder questions I've always wanted to ask...and I hope I got him to answer questions that you've always wanted to ask as well...enjoy!


  1. Great vid, Natasha. And Rob's right. Tsk tsk tsk, flirting with Micky Ward.