Thursday, February 5, 2009

Please allow me to introduce myself...

...I'm a Boxing fan, and a dame.

I work out at the Wildcard Boxing Club in Hollywood, California, where I meet all kinds of interesting and relevant characters in the Boxing world.  I'm going to pull a Tarantino here though and start from the beginning and work my way back to that...

My interest in Boxing started when as a child, trying to curry favor with  my Stepfather, I would watch the fights with him on Saturday nights.  He with the beer, me with the popcorn.  My favorite Boxer at that time was Sugar Ray Leonard.  Because I liked sugar.  I am much more astute with my choices nowadays, but I was definitely on to something even way back then.

Mike Tyson is solely responsible for re-igniting my interest in Boxing in the late 80's and early 90's.  I think it is a crime and a shame what happened to Iron Mike.  He is such an iconic fighter and I am absolutely fascinated by him.  I had the opportunity to meet him once, but chickened out because I was too shy (and if you know me for two minutes, you know that I'm not shy.  AT ALL).  He also knows more about Boxing than probably anyone else on the planet, which only further fascinates me.

I will admit that I became a fairweather fan after the glorious Tyson days, recognizing only a few names of the sport's fighters du jour.  Oscar de la Hoya and Lennox Lewis are two names that come to mind from that time.  

Then a friend of mine suggested I take Boxing as a way of getting some exercise.  I've always been drawn to the 'macho sports',  so naturally I was game to give it a shot.  I had gotten a little 'jolly' after getting married, so I definitely needed an effective work out anyway.  I was extremely intimidated by the Wildcard at first.  There's a lot of testosterone there and I found it very difficult to blend in.  Plus, the fact that I was an absolute beginner and looked like a Clydesdale running through deep snow while learning to jump rope didn't help much either.  I must have fractured each hand in two or three different places in the first few weeks, but somewhere during that time, I got hooked.

Boxing is now my religion.  I eat, sleep and breathe my beloved Sweet Science.  I have come to love the Wildcard gym and all of it's characters, now counting Freddie Roach as one of my very good friends.  I'm not as 'jolly' as I once was - turns out Boxing is as great of a work out as I could have imagined.  I lost 38 pounds over the course of 10 months going from a welterweight to a light / junior flyweight.  

I have a very active Boxing group on Facebook - join us if you'd like.  It's called Boxing: The Sweet Science.  (There are two groups by this name, but look for the one where I am the creator). 




  1. I'm proud to be the first follower/poster on your brand new blog! Can't wait to see where this thing takes you.

    Also, great slogan!

  2. Nice to meet you Natasha, my name is Trevor and I am all kinds of envious of your time being spent in THE Wildcard Gym.

    I haven't been following the Sweet Science as long as you have, but my grandpa's drunken father was a brief professional middleweight, my wife's late grandfather was the bantamweight golden gloves champion of Omaha, and so I'm carrying the torch :)

    I would have to say that Kelly Pavlik was responsible for re-igniting my passion for boxing, watching that 7th round TKO of Bad Intentions...I couldn't believe the punching power and heart of a goofy, lanky white boy.

    And then diving deeper and finding a rising Manny Pacquiao sealed the deal: I'm now officially a lifer. I hope to one day join the elite BWAA, although the needed criteria seems daunting, I know I'll make it there someday.

    For now, good to meet a fellow purist with an inside look into the heart of boxing country.